A Good Sign?

We had another moose spotting this morning before we took Audrey to school.  I was carrying Jack downstairs when he yells, “Moose!”  Isn’t that awesome!  I mean only here in Alaska can your kid randomly yell out “Moose!”  In Texas your kid might yell “Deer!”, “Duck!”, “Turkey vulture!” or if you’re lucky and on the Texas Gulf Coast, “Dolphin!”  But here in Alaska, you have moose.  Again, I wasn’t able to get a picture.  It was still pretty dark and the cow was moving quickly up our driveway to the hill in the backyard and on her way.  They can move surprisingly fast – I think it’s because they’re so tall and their strides so long.  Anyway, it made the kids morning to have a moose sighting and I decided to take it as a good sign.  Jack picked up a stomach bug somewhere, so yesterday afternoon, evening and night were no fun at all.  He’s been feeling better this morning.  The girls are at school and Jack’s laying on a pallet in the living room watching Sesame Street while I try to drink a 3rd cup of coffee (didn’t finish my 2nd before it got cold) and updating you on the wonders of Alaska.  I better run now, lots of laundry awaits and all the household things I didn’t get to yesterday.


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