Things I Miss

So we’ve been here about 7 weeks now and there are some things I’m starting to miss…

  • Chick-Fil-A:  That’s right folks, there’s not one CFA in the entire state of Alaska.  I had no idea how much I went to CFA until, well, until I couldn’t go anymore.  I’ve taken the kids to Micky D’s a couple of times, but I just can’t eat there that often.  At least at CFA I could get a salad or fruit cup with my sandwich and not feel like I was being horribly unhealthy.
  • Adventure Kids: For those of you who don’t know, Adventure Kids is a drop in daycare.  It’s perfect when you have that random middle of the day meeting at one of your kid’s school, a doctor’s appointment, a kid’s doctors appointment and you don’t want to take ALL of your kids.  You drop them off, they play for a couple of hours and you get your stuff done.
  • Bar Method Dallas:  The Bar Method is a workout studio that originally started in San Francisco about 10 years ago.  It’s a combination of dance, pilates, strength training and physical therapy and I ADORE it.  I started in August 2010 and in about 15 months looked the best I’ve looked, in well, just about forever.  Alas, from October to December I only made it into the studio 3 times.  Planning a cross country move really took up a ton of my time.  The Bar Method has produced several DVDs and now that our television and DVD player is finally all connected I can at least start doing the videos again, but it’s not nearly as fun as an actual class.

I’m noticing a trend here.  Anyone interested in a franchise opportunity in Anchorage, Alaska?  You could open any of these places and make a killing.

And finally, it goes without saying I miss my family and friends.  I hadn’t given much thought about how tightly I was tied into my community.  Then you look back and realize over the past 10 years you and your friends have supported each other through marriages, births of children, sick children, sick parents and parents dying.  I’ve met some really wonderful people here and I know it takes time to build that community again, but I miss y’all.


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