Appropriate Footwear for a Break-up

Your shoe selection during a break-up can be dreadfully important.  No worries – Todd and I are doing well.  The snow and ice in Anchorage has finally decided it might be spring and it might need to start disappearing.  Thus we have entered the season known as… Break-up.  To be honest, it’s not one of Alaska’s prettier seasons.  It’s pretty gross in fact.  Slushy snow, ice and trash that’s been hidden under the snow is everywhere.  The ice on roads and in parking lots melts during the day and refreezes at night.  It makes for a sloshy mess during the day and some very slippery conditions during the early morning or late night hours.  Appropriate foot wear is a must (even if every inch of your high heel loving self screams that these are, in fact, the most ridiculous shoes you have ever worn!)

Family of break-up boots

The somewhat cute, girl boots in the middle are Bogs.  Those are the girls’ and mine.  Those lovely brown boots on the ends are known as XtraTufs.  Those belong to Todd and Jack.  I hear they’re standard issue in Juneau and that it is not unusual to see men wearing their suits with their pants tucked into a pair of XtraTufs.  In the 3 months we’ve been here, I’ve maybe worn 5 different pairs of shoes.  Snowboots and now Bogs have pretty much been my go to footwear.  Even if we’re going somewhere nice and I need to wear a pair of heels, I wear the Bogs, carry my heels, check the Bogs with my coat at the coat check and then put on my cute shoes.

Nordstrom had some adorable wedges for spring and summer…maybe I’ll get to wear them in June.


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