Didn’t Earn My Badge Today

my car stuck in the snow

So, this is my Buick Enclave.  It is now stuck in my driveway.  Trying to keep the story short:  It’s been snowing for many hours.  Our snow plow guy has not shown up.  I had some errands to run today and was so happy with myself that I didn’t get stuck somewhere in town.  Driving in this much snow is NO FUN.  Anyway, I happily make it home only to get stuck in my driveway.  Not a problem.  I send the kids inside and get the shovel.  Well 45 minutes later, after much shoveling and even trying flattened cardboard boxes under my tires to try to gain some traction, I am still stuck.  I was positive I could solve this and I was quite irritated when I couldn’t.  So now I wait for Todd to get home with a tow cable and hope the snow plow guy doesn’t decide to show up.  If he does, guess who has to help move my car?